The Definitive Guide

Are you curious about meditation but have been too intimidated to try?

In this comprehensive meditation guide, Buddhist studies scholar Quyen Ngo has drawn on his years of meditation practice and studies to show you how you can get in touch with the radiant mind and how you can turn the mundane into a source of reflection and joy, no matter your experience level.

Way of Insight: A Guide to Meditation is a succinct and concise meditation manual with guidance on the most important meditation techniques aimed at developing mindfulness, concentration, and insight. For the first time, Quyen Ngo reveals his method of Systematic Progressing to show you how to develop your meditation systematically and monitor progress in a structured way.

Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced meditator, if you seek transformative practices, realizing your full potential, and deepening insights, you’ll love Quyen Ngo’s handbook to exploring the universe within.

Diary of a meditator

Journey Of The Soul

He’s meditated for years. But a silent retreat will take his mind on a life-changing journey…

Quyen Ngo balances his busy professional world with consistent meditation. Looking to tap deeper into his mind, he embarks on a silent retreat to Myanmar in an effort to take his calming practice even further.

Through 43 days under the watchful eye of meditation masters, he teeters on the edge of enlightened introspection. But when he returns to the demanding modern world, can he somehow carry on the lessons he’s learned?

In this intimate look at the pilgrimage of his soul, Buddhist studies scholar Quyen Ngo presents insights and moments of clarity from his life-changing retreat.

“Fascinating insight into one person’s experience and outlook of meditation…I recommend it to people who are learning about meditation and who enjoy short autobiographies.” – Reedsy Discovery

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