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"I do not see a single thing that, when it is developed, with its potential realized, is so very beneficial as the mind. A developed mind, with its potential realized, is very beneficial" The Buddha

Quyen Ngo

My journey began nearly 30 years ago

Hi! I’m Quyen, the author of “Diary of a Meditator.”

It was fortuitous that I started meditation nearly 30 years ago. I knew nothing about it at the time. I joined a local meditation class because I heard it would help me deal better with stress.

After a few months, I noticed my life had changed for the better—I was much happier, and the things that used to annoy didn’t faze me. My anger didn’t remain as long, and I wasn’t as resentful as I used to be. I made friends easily, and I was always surrounded by helpful and friendly people.

Happiness comes from a skillset that could be trained​

I realized my changed outlook was the cause of my “fortune”, and that happiness comes from a skill set that could be trained—like everything else in life.
However, in the early stages of my practice, I found it confusing navigating through the many types of meditation—there were traditions and sub-traditions with seemingly different styles of meditation.

I spent almost a decade doing extensive research on the theories behind the practices. I read most of the voluminous Pali Canon (Buddhist scriptures) available in English even before I started a master’s degree in Buddhist studies with a UK-based university in 2005. This structured course provided me with a much better understanding of the development and philosophy behind the traditions and their meditation techniques.

Quyen Ngo Full Lotus
buddhist monk

My mission is to sincerely pass on authentic Buddhist meditation

Throughout the years, I took regular meditation retreats to strengthen my practice, including training under some world-renowned masters. However, the most significant progress I made was during my months’ long meditation retreats in Myanmar, where I was fortunate enough to meet a meditation master, who was the first in his lineage to share an esoteric practice that had only been passed down from teacher to pupil in direct transmission. My teacher encouraged me to spread the teaching to other laypeople.

My goal is to show you a structured and systematic way to meditate so that you can enjoy a healthy mind and body—as the two are intricately linked. And more importantly, I hope you will discover your inner potential with endless possibilities.

Our incredible team are here for you

Bruce Cat Tai Chi

Bruce Cat

Chi Qong Instructor and Head of Marketing
Bruce is responsible for spreading Way of Insight far and wide. He is also one of Quyen's meditation students and has trained mindfulness energy arts for over 15 years.
Mandy Mui

Mandy Mui

Holistic Healer and Head of Customer Service
Mandy spends most of her time behind the scenes providing excellent customer service and invaluable administrative assistance. She is also a speech and holistic therapist as well as a hardcore meditator.
Charlotte Fernandez

Charlotte Fernandez

Health Coach and Director of Operations
Charlotte oversees the general administration and management of Way of Insight. In addition to maintaining and developing the systems that Way of Insight uses, she is responsible for getting us all in top shape with her holistic health and diet advice.
Steve Chu

Steve Chu

Meditation Instructor and System Engineer
Steve supports the technical development of Way of Insight's membership site and company-wide systems, and teaches meditation. He spent nearly 10 years in Asia to learn Kung Fu and meditation from some of the best masters.
Diary of a meditator


Diary of a Meditator is a memoir-style account of Quyen Ngo’s contemplative journey. A life-changing book. It’s also a profound labour of love. The detail over almost 150 pages is as inspiring as it is helpful. This is the best deep insight into meditation out there for serious practitioners by far.. Discover why some are calling it “The Buddhist Meditation Bible” and “that this book was much more than just an average meditator’s diary.”



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