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"I do not see a single thing that, when it is developed, with its potential realized, is so very beneficial as the mind. A developed mind, with its potential realized, is very beneficial" The Buddha

Quyen Ngo

My journey began nearly 30 years ago

Hi! I’m Quyen, the author of “Diary of a Meditator” and “Way Of Insight: A Guide to Meditation.

It was fortuitous that I started meditation almost 30 years ago. I knew nothing about it at the time. I joined a local meditation class because I heard it would help me to deal better with stress.

After a few months, I noticed my life had changed for the better. I was much more content, and I wasn’t fazed by the things that used to annoy me. My anger didn’t remain as long, and I wasn’t as resentful as I used to be. I made friends easily, and I was always surrounded by helpful and friendly people.

Happiness is a skill could be trained​

I realized my life had changed for the better because of my new outlook that came as a result of practicing meditation. It then dawned on me that happiness is a skill that could be trained, just like everything else in life.

Fascinated by the benefits of meditation, I delved further. I spent years researching into meditation, and completed a master’s degree (MA) in Buddhist Studies, which provided me with a much better understanding of the principles and philosophies behind different traditions.

Throughout this time, I maintained regular meditation practice including doing lengthy retreats around the world under renowned masters.

Eventually, my search took me to Myanmar. Owing partly to the fact that Myanmar had been insular for so long, and a high reverence for the Buddhist teachings, people there had somehow managed to preserve the Buddha’s teaching in its fully functional state. Hence, accomplished meditators were a common sight there.

Quyen Ngo Full Lotus
buddhist monk

My aim is to show you a proper way to meditate that is structured and systematic

Whilst in Myanmar, I was fortunate enough to meet two eminent meditation masters: Sayadaw Venerable Eikdi Bala and Sayadaw Venerable Baddanta Dhammapati. They taught me the true essence of Buddhist meditation – the art of mindfulness and insight meditation as it had been passed down for generations of monks, teachings that had been lost in many parts of the world. Those teachings gave rise to insights beyond my wildest imagination.

I am very grateful for my teachers’ guidance and for allowing me to share their knowledge with others. Thus, you can now benefit from their teaching in the comfort of your own home without having to ward off pesky mosquitoes in the sweltering forests of Myanmar.

My aim is to show you a proper way to meditate that is structured and systematic so that you too will realize the art of mindfulness and insight. And you will discover that proper meditation is much more than mere relaxation technique for anxiety, stress, etc. Meditation is for real self-transformation and realization. And that is the true essence of the practice.

Diary of a meditator

Journey Of The Soul

He’s meditated for years. But a silent retreat will take his mind on a life-changing journey…

Quyen Ngo balances his busy professional world with consistent meditation. Looking to tap deeper into his mind, he embarks on a silent retreat to Myanmar in an effort to take his calming practice even further.

Through 43 days under the watchful eye of meditation masters, he teeters on the edge of enlightened introspection. But when he returns to the demanding modern world, can he somehow carry on the lessons he’s learned?

In this intimate look at the pilgrimage of his soul, Buddhist studies scholar Quyen Ngo presents insights and moments of clarity from his life-changing retreat.

“Fascinating insight into one person’s experience and outlook of meditation…I recommend it to people who are learning about meditation and who enjoy short autobiographies.” – Reedsy Discovery

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