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Why Mindfulness Alone Is NOT Enough

In the western world, it is only recently commonly recognized that meditation brings many health benefits, for both the mind and the body, thanks in part to its “discovery” by people such as Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1970s, former Buddhist monk Jack Kornfield, and lay Buddhists: Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg. In Asia, however, billions of people have benefitted from meditation for thousands of years.

In the late 1970s, Kabat-Zinn realized that the technique he learned from Buddhist meditation was a “scientific” way to alleviate a host of illnesses including stress, anxiety, and pain. This led him to form a “mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) program that he offered to health organizations with great success. Since then, meditation has been widely accepted by both the medical profession and the normal public as a means to promote health.

Whilst it is great that meditation has been more widely accepted in the west, the ensuing secular movement focuses (probably inadvertently from over-simplifying the system) almost exclusively on only one aspect of the Buddha’s teaching – mindfulness. But mindfulness alone is not enough to eradicate humanity’s discontent. It is only one of the eight factors that make up the Buddha’s formula to eradicate suffering. The other factors needed include correct understanding, intent, ethics, and concentration. If mindfulness alone solves the problem the Buddha would have called his path the “One-Fold Noble Path” instead of the “Eight-Fold Noble Path”.

Therefore, a practice that relies only on mindfulness is incomplete and not effective in quelling our discontent. And with increasing commercialization and over-marketing, such oversimplification, in fact, undermines and obscures the true value of the system it draws from. To fully benefit from meditation we have to incorporate the other factors that contribute to the purification of the mind.

Here, at Way of Insight, we aim to show you the complete path. You will understand that the depth, scope, and the way we employ the techniques make all the difference to the result. Because what we teach is the authentic meditation, pure science of the mind, that has come from a long line of enlightened masters, not its partial adaptation. The teaching of the Buddha that has always been scientific, pragmatic, and without dogma.

Your time and effort are precious, so invest wisely, learn the proper way to master your mind.


At Way of Insight, we have a mission to rid the world of unnecessary suffering by giving people powerful tools to manage anxiety, stress, sleeplessness and optimise performance.

Please make use of the resources here to start the journey of self-discovery and enrich your life. We have free instructions for meditation, structured and paid guided courses, as well as private consultation to help you realise your silent inner power.

Benefits of Way of Insight Meditation

We believe in easy access to ancient authentic methods that are good for our mind, body and spirit. 


Less Stress

The daily grind of modern life is putting us all under strain. Studies have shown 60-80% of all visits to doctors have a stress-related component.

Meditation is the single most powerful stress relieving tool available by natural means. Way of Insight meditation produces physiological and biochemical changes that counteract stress and depression.

Our students consistently report being happier, calmer, and dealing better with the vicissitudes of life.


Better Sleep

30% of adult U.S. population suffer from insomnia, although, worldwide, it can be as high as 50%.

Our world is getting busier and more demanding. The stress of the modern life causes us to have poorer sleep patterns. In fact, about 40% of all insomnia patients have psychiatric condition.

Way of Insight meditation improves sleep by calming the mind at the deep subconscious level that also enables you to feel more energetic and content.


Increase Productivity

In the age of information overload, our nervous systems are struggling to cope. It’s hard to stay focused and make effective decisions.

When the demands of the hectic modern life over-stimulate our “fight-or-flight” response, our mental capacity decreases.

Way of Insight meditation reduces the mental overload allowing you to be more focused, alert, calm, and make better decisions. Meditation also helps with cardiovascular diseases and lowers blood pressure, improving your physical well-being.


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Nazeli Ghukasyan

Thank you so very much for bringing real Meditation to the world. I thoroughly enjoyed your scientific and verifiable approach to explaining the benefits of meditation.

Nazeli Ghukasyan
Siukee Wan

I would recommend Way of Insight meditation to everyone – you’ll be amazed with the transformation you experience, even if you currently feel your best and/or you’re a hardcore meditation sceptic!

Siukee Wan

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