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Overcome anxiety and mental noise with the power of authentic meditation.

To truly live and experience, we have to abide in the present moment, not the past or the future. It is in this very brief moment, like the transient contact a turning wheel has with the ground, that we experience the world. But our mind’s habit is dwelling in the past or the future. Try it—just close your eyes and see how quickly your mind darts off to the past or the future.

Thinking about the past brings out anger, regret, and remorse. Thinking about the future can make us anxious, worry, and fearful. It is only through training the mind that we know how to live in the present moment and let go of the past and future. And that is what meditation is about.

Meditation trains the mind to abide in the present moment. When you focus on the present, thoughts about the past and future disappear, just as light chases away darkness.

As your meditation progresses, you will enjoy living in the moment, taking delight in the child’s-like mind amid the simplest activity. Not only that, you’ll have better concentration and memory, make better decisions, and be free from worries.


At Way of Insight, we have a mission to rid the world of unnecessary suffering by giving people powerful tools to manage anxiety, stress, sleeplessness and optimise performance.

Please make use of the resources here to start the journey of self-discovery and enrich your life. We have free instructions for meditation, structured and paid guided courses, as well as private consultation to help you realise your silent inner power.

Benefits of Way of Insight Meditation

We believe in easy access to ancient authentic methods that are good for our mind, body and spirit. 


Less Stress

The daily grind of modern life is putting us all under strain. Studies have shown 60-80% of all visits to doctors have a stress-related component.

Meditation is the single most powerful stress relieving tool available by natural means. Way of Insight meditation produces physiological and biochemical changes that counteract stress and depression.

Our students consistently report being happier, calmer, and dealing better with the vicissitudes of life.


Better Sleep

30% of adult U.S. population suffer from insomnia, although, worldwide, it can be as high as 50%.

Our world is getting busier and more demanding. The stress of the modern life causes us to have poorer sleep patterns. In fact, about 40% of all insomnia patients have psychiatric condition.

Way of Insight meditation improves sleep by calming the mind at the deep subconscious level that also enables you to feel more energetic and content.


Increase Productivity

In the age of information overload, our nervous systems are struggling to cope. It’s hard to stay focused and make effective decisions.

When the demands of the hectic modern life over-stimulate our “fight-or-flight” response, our mental capacity decreases.

Way of Insight meditation reduces the mental overload allowing you to be more focused, alert, calm, and make better decisions. Meditation also helps with cardiovascular diseases and lowers blood pressure, improving your physical well-being.


Way of Insight is the number one online website for authentic Buddhist meditation and resources

Diary of a meditator


Diary of a Meditator is a memoir-style account of Quyen Ngo’s contemplative journey. A life-changing book. It’s also a profound labour of love. The detail over almost 150 pages is as inspiring as it is helpful. This is the best deep insight into meditation out there for serious practitioners by far.. Discover why some are calling it “The Buddhist Meditation Bible” and “that this book was much more than just an average meditator’s diary.”

“This first person retelling of a spiritual journey provided fascinating insight into one person’s experience and outlook of meditation…I recommend it to people who are learning about meditation and who enjoy short autobiographies.” Jessica Lucci, Reedsy Discovery.


Nazeli Ghukasyan

Thank you so very much for bringing real Meditation to the world. I thoroughly enjoyed your scientific and verifiable approach to explaining the benefits of meditation.

Nazeli Ghukasyan
Siukee Wan

I would recommend Way of Insight meditation to everyone – you’ll be amazed with the transformation you experience, even if you currently feel your best and/or you’re a hardcore meditation sceptic!

Siukee Wan


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